Set up in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer (it has to be Internet Explorer), and go to the URL:

A log in box will open up. Press "More options" and "Use a different account".

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Fill in the information you have gotten per e-mail from Keepers. Remember to use "BIPROD\" before your username.

Press OK. You will get an error, but this is as it should be.

Close Internet Explorer.

Set up in Microsoft Excel

Open Microsoft Excel. Choose "Data", "Get Data", "From Database" and "From Analysis service"

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Add the server: and for "Log on credentials" choose "Use Windows Authentication"

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Choose the Cube that is stated in the e-mail you received from Keepers, and press "Next".

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Type in the "Friendly name" that is used for the cube in your organization. 

Press "Finish"

You now have the option to choose, how you want your data to be displayed. You can choose between a Pivot table, a Pivot chart or just to make the connection. If you choose to just make the connection, you need to make the formulas yourself, to get the data you need.

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