What is "mapping"?

By mapping your accounts, you have the possibility to make groups of your accounts (e.g. all revenue accounts) in e-conomic. The mapping is to be done in Keepers Customer Center under “Power BI settings”. You can also use our Excel model to map your accounts, and then upload the CSV file it gives to the Customer Center.

Mapping in Keepers Customer Center

Press ”Power BI settings”

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Press ”Add BI reporting account

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Fill out the following:

  • Reporting account
    • The name for the grouping of the accounts
  • Reporting account nr.
    • Choose the number you wish to use for this grouping. It can be text and numbers. E.g. R1010
  • Account mapping
    • Choose the accounts that belong to the grouping. By adding different signs, you can include several accounts.
      • ”..” means from XXXX to (including) XXXX
      • ”|” means and
      • E.g.
        • 5810..5820 = 5810 to (and including) 5820
        • 5112|5660 = 5112 and 5660
        • 5810..5820|5112|5660 = 5810 to (and including) 5820 and 5112 and 5660

Advanced – Measurement calculation

”Measurement calculation” gives you the opportunity to use some of our predefined KPI’s. This requires that you - in your mapping - specify which accounts the cube should include.

  • The BI’s measurement calculations are:
    • Profit Margin pretax = EBT / Revenue
    • Profit Margin = Net profit / Revenue
    • Gross margin = Gross profit / Revenue
    • DSO; day of sales outstanding = Debtors / Revenue * Days in the period
    • Quick ratio = (current assets+Debtors - inventory) /current liabilities)
    • Current ratio = Current assets+Debtors / current liabilities
    • ROE pretax = EBT/Equity
    • ROE = Net profit/Equity
    • Working capital = Current assets+Debtors - Current liabilities
    • Salary percentage = Salaries / Revenue
    • Avg. days overdue 
  • Therefore, you need to specify in your mapping, which accounts to include in e.g. Revenue.
    • E.g. In the KPI “Profit Margin pretax”, we have EBT and Revenue. If the cube should know what to include when you choose “Profit Margin pretax”, you need to define what to include under EBT and Revenue. Each mapping that belongs under Revenue, should be marked with “Revenue” in the Measurement Calculation field.

This way you can get data out of the cube, without choosing all the specific accounts to include. Do note, however, that the measurement calculation names have to be written in the exact same way as in this guide.