As a Keepers customer, you are to send in your documents in the following way:

Invoices, credit notes, online PDF-receipts (from purchases made with a company card) are to be sent to the "Roger e-mail address" provided to you.

Physical receipts (from purchases made with either a company card or a private card) are to be submitted through Keepers App - Outlay. 

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Once all documents have been submitted, we compare the documents to the bank entries. If we are missing any documents, we will report it in the Keepers Customer Center, and you will need to submit them.

Payment flow

If you have subscribed to our payment service as well, you will need to approve the invoices in Roger, before we handle them. Once you have done that, the invoices will automatically be transferred to e-conomic. From e-conomic, Keepers will transfer a payment file to the bank, after which you will approve the payments, before the actual payment is completed. 

Payroll flow

If you have subscribed to the Keepers payroll service, you are to approve the payslips in the Keepers Customer Center.